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    Peta topografi Pulau Bali

    One of almost 13,000 islands forming Indonesia, Bali is undoubtedly the most popular of all. With its famed beaches, temples, mountains and amazing crystal blue waters ready to amaze. Once you’ve landed at the Denpasar-Bali International Airport, getting around the island is easy by taxi, bemos or minivans, cars, motorbikes or just renting a bicycle from your accommodation in Bali to explore the island.

    Sometimes referred to as the ‘land of a thousand temples’ every Balinese village has several temples, in addition to those which residents set up in their homes. These Hindu temples are covered with intricate carvings and sculptures of demons looking from above for protection. The Besakih also known as the ‘mother temple’ is the most important on the island. However Uluwatu and Tanah Lot are more favored by tourists because of their accessibility.

    Accommodation in Bali is available for every type of traveler; budget hotels for backpackers, romantic resorts for newlyweds, and Balinese Villas for families. Kuta is favored by backpackers for its cheap accommodation choices, while most high-end resorts are in Nusa Dua. Other popular areas are Semiyak, Legian and Sanur, with moderately priced rooms, as well as access to the beach for the famed nightlife of Bali. The beautiful town of Ubud, just 40km from the international airport, is the art and cultural center of Bali. The resorts here lean more towards splurge than budget. But if you are looking to get away from the beaches of Bali, there is no better place than the resorts of Ubud.


    About Bali


    BALI is a small island,about 5632 kms square. BALI is one of 27 provencies region of the republic of indonesia . Each provincies has a governor . so BALI is ruled by governor and governor of bali resides in denpasar. Denpasar is the capital of BALI. Denpasar is the start from 07.00 o'clock until 09.00 o'clock the traffic is very busy townsy because the student and the officer beginning go to school and to the office. Accoding census 1970 the population in denpasar about 400.000 peoples(diganti ama yg sekarang tahun 2008). so now more than 800.000 peoples.
    BALI is deviden into eigth regencies and consist 54 kecamatan (sub didtric under camat, there are perbekel(commend village), about 564 perbekel. and futher deviden into 3397 banjar(village ward), administrated by kelian (head of village). Each banjar have 80-100 members. the population in bali about two and half millions.
    Majoritas are hindu about 85%. hindu is the name of the religion. 15% are muslim,kristan,budha.


    information about indonesia

    The indonesia archipelago


    Indonesia consist of thousands of ranges from sabang in the west until meraoke in the lies between two continents asia and australia,between two acean:pasific and hindia.
    Indonesia as united antity can't be devidend although it consists of various tribes,language,castumes,and different cultures.the axistense of the differences are part of elements of indonesia . indonesia has a moto " bhineka tunggal ika" it means unity in diversity.
    Indonesia lies under the equatorial line with the tropical climate,fertile land with the rich natural resources, beautiful panorama and agreat number of population.
    The indonesia is influenced by two monsoons. the wind blows from australia continent to asia through indonesia. it happens because the sun is in the northern.
    The air maximum pressure is in australia ,the air minimum pressure is in asia. indonesia get the dry season,continoustil four months. when the sun is in the southern asia gets the air maximum pressure, it carries a lot of stem because it pas by the wide ocean so indonesia get the rainy season.


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