Are waterproof outdoor cat houses beneficial for cats?

Are waterproof outdoor cat houses beneficial for cats?

A waterproof outdoor cat house is made for the cats that love to hang out outside in the gardens. An ordinary cat house provides a good residence for your cat, but it may fail to protect your cat. In contrast, a waterproof outdoor cat house not only provides residence to your kitten but also shelter from weather extremities. The following benefits of the waterproof cat house will help you decide whether it is worth your money or not.

Does a waterproof outdoor cat house keep the cat warm and dry?

A waterproof outdoor cat house makes a cat feel comfortable. The tough and durable framework of the cat house prevents the buildup of moisture in the enclosure. It keeps your cat warm and dry. In winters, it provides good insulation to the cat.

Does a waterproof outdoor cat house protect the cat from weather extremities?

The strong roofing of a waterproof outdoor cat house protects the cat from heavy rain or snowfall. It also provides protection from the strong wind. Now, many cat house companies install a proper drainage system in the cat house. This drainage system collects the water and drains it away from the cat enclosure. In summers, it also provides refuge from the intense heat of the sun. Thus, it keeps your cat safe from any extreme weather changes.

Does weather affect the quality of a waterproof outdoor cat house?

Most cat house manufacturers use metal or plywood. They have a coating of corrosion-resistant paint which protects the cat house from rusting. Also, they have vinyl-coated fences that enhance the durability of the cat house. The base of the cat house is at a greater risk of corrosion. The continuous contact with the ground moisture may lead to the degradation of the base of the enclosure. To solve this problem, it is better to raise the cat house above the ground and coat it with latex. This prevents any unnecessary contact with ground moisture. In fact, the waterproof cat houses use high-quality material that makes them last longer than 25 years.

Is outdoor cat house insect and fungal-resistant?

Fungus and bacteria are more likely to attack the damp wood. Waterproof outdoor cat house has characteristics that make it resistant to bacteria. Some copper-containing compounds are also added to the wood to protect it from fungal invasion. Cat houses are also vulnerable to termite eating. A chemical compound borate gets injected into the wood which protects it from termites and other insects.

Is it easy to assemble?

You can easily assemble a waterproof outdoor cat house. A complete instructional handout gives you an idea about it. The drilled holes for the screws make the setup of the cat house easy.


Buying an ordinary cat house is easy on your pocket but it will not guarantee ultimate protection for your cat. If you want to buy a cat house, a waterproof outdoor cat house is the best option for you. You don’t have to worry about your cat catching a cold in the rainy season.