Elevate Your House Décor With Ceiling Light Covers

Elevate Your House Décor With Ceiling Light Covers

Lamps are an integral part of anybody’s house. Anyone knows that the choice of light or lamp can directly affect the mood, aesthetic and the general concept of the house. That is why, one must be very particular about what they choose when it comes to light and ceiling light covers.

Once you have those picked out, you could consider how to use the light to elevate your room. That’s where different shades come in question. Ceiling lamps are usually present in the center of the room, lighting every corner with its glory. If you provide this lamp with a shade that goes perfectly with it, you can successfully change the mood of the room distinctively.

Here, In this article, 4 best types of lamp shades have been described in a few words to give you a good idea about what would suit your taste.

Different Types Of Light Shades

Lamp shades can easily affect the mood of the room by affecting the lighting. Play with shadows and lights to find out what suits your taste, your aesthetic, you mood the very best. In the following section, 4 handpicked shades have been described to give an idea about them.

Paper Lanterns

Chinese lanterns have been a signal for prosperity and celebration for the longest time. Usually made of paper, these lanterns are lit and flown into the air which brightens up the night sky. One may recognize them also as the lanterns from the movie Tangled. This type of a lamp shade will give your room a very royal aesthetic with muted tones of red and gold based on your shade color which would make it perfect for reading rooms.

Darling Drums

Made of paper of cloth, drum shades are the most common type of lamp shades used for lamps. Not only are these versatile enough to suit ceiling lamps, they are also perfect for study tables and bed side tables, these lamps provide the perfect lighting for the ambience in the bedroom or the study table.

Charming Cages

Cages have been a new style of lampshades for a while now. These do not necessarily lower the light capacity from the lamp, the brightness or the notes of the light. It simply amplifies the décor of the room, giving it a very medieval accent, and muted tones, dark but also welcoming. That is why; this type of lamp shade is perfect for dining tables.

Stylish Shades

These are most commonly known as Empire shades. With its typical bell shape, these types of shades are very common. You can also see them in the background of several episodes of Tom and Jerry. This lampshade is elegant, a classic with perfect neutral accents for anyone who wishes to have a minimalistic design. Old is gold is a saying that has been around for several years, almost centuries and that applies to this particular design of lampshade as it not only suits the lamps of ceiling, they also suit the lamps all around the house, starting from bedside tables to study tables to the corner of the room.


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