How to Wash Your Curly Lace Front Wigs?

How to Wash Your Curly Lace Front Wigs?

Maintenance of wigs is not only essential to prolong their lifespan but also to keep their shape and shine preserved. Both synthetic and human hair wigs are as time and effort-demanding as your hair. So, you must pay attention to their cleaning and washing and keep using them every time.

Almost every wig type needs cleaning after every use. This cleaning includes the washing, untangling of wig hair, etc., depending on the type of wig you are wearing. This article will discuss washing curly lace front wigs that seem quite tricky than other wigs!

Process of Wig Washing

Step#1 Give your wig a gentle brush through before washing

Curly wigs are usually more prone to entangling. So, before you want them, brush the wig hair; that will help remove any tangles. Brushing the wig after washing is also a good idea to remove any excess water. Avoid brushing too hard to protect the wig from becoming frizzy and damaged.

Step#2 Use Wig Stand

As the wigs are delicate, it's better to use a wig stand to wash them. So, ensure that you have a wig stand to hand when washing and drying your wig; this will help to keep the shape of your hair and stop the strands from becoming twisted and tangled.

Step#3 Use Warm Water

Warm water is more effective in washing the wigs rather than cold. If you have human hair wigs, you can use the same shampoo to wash them for your hair. Otherwise, use a mild shampoo for synthetic wigs and gently apply it on the wig hair so the fibers will not get damaged. The pH of shampoo should be at most 6.

Step#4 Rinse the Wig

After gently applying the shampoo for a few seconds or one minute, rinse them with clean water until it is free of any soap suds. Removing shampoo from curly hair wigs is difficult, so take your time.

Step#5 Towel Dry The Wig

Rather than hardly rubbing the wig with a towel, be gentle and squeeze extra water. Be as soft as possible if you don't want your wig curls to get frizzy.

Step#6 Air-Dry the Wig

Anything complicated or high-pressured is not recommended in wig maintenance as wig hair is more susceptible than natural hair. So, when drying the wig, let them air-dry rather than blow drying. This might take some time so you can do anything during this period.

Step#7 Use Conditioner

Apply a small amount of conditioner through your curly lace front wigs and leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water (again, only rinse until all soap suds have gone). Take care not to get any conditioner on the roots of your wig, especially if you are wearing adhesive around your hairline to keep it in place, as this can cause skin irritation if worn for too long.

How Often Should You Wash Your Wig?

This time depends on your environment, how often you use the wig, and which product you are applying to your wig. If you are using wigs daily or half a week, wash them every 2-3 weeks with gentle care.


This article will help you understand the complete process of washing your wig. As you can see, this process needs a lot of time and care, so be patient if you want to maintain your favorite wig.