What Are The Features of The Air Pro Pod Kit from Suorin

What Are The Features of The Air Pro Pod Kit from Suorin

Whether you visit a store to buy the suorin air Pro vape pod, or you buy it online, there are a couple of things you should expect from the product. Of course, as long as you are getting an original Suorin product, you can rest assured that your vape is a good item. However, with the many options of vape items that you can choose from, you may have a lot of preferences. One option that the Suorin brand gives is the air pro pod kit. This product is making lots of waves because of its features. That is why we want to analyze the amazing features of this pro pod so you can understand. Let's go;

It has a small size

The first and most recognizable feature of the air pro pod is its small size. We know how we all clamor for our vapes to be a bit small and discreet, so we can carry them around easily. This product has a length of 0.96cm and a breadth of 0.45cm. The height of the device is about 0.127cm. As if the small size is not enough, this brand ensures there are some flow lines within the device to enable you to hold it easily.

It comes with great energy

Based on normal thinking and logic, one will assume that the small size of an item will affect its power. This is not the case with the air pro pod. First, the cartridge of this device has a capacity to take in up to 4.9ml. That gives you enough room to take as many puffs of your liquid without necessarily requiring a refill.

Normally, the amount of puffs you can take is usually cut short because of the short battery life. This is not also the case with this vape. With a battery of 930mah, you can take as many puffs without worrying about the phone going off. The tastes of your puffs are as pure as you can think of. That is because of the mesh coil of 1 ohm and the power source of eighteen watts.

Five different protection technology

This vape Pod is built to protect you and yourself from any damage. There is protection against open and short circuits while it charges. There is also that protection against vaping affecting you. Before we forget to mention, the device comes with a rechargeable feature. The product charger goes off when the battery is full. This will ensure the optimum charging of the battery in a way that does not affect the battery life.


Suorin is a household name when it comes to making vape pods. Their pods are usually of good quality, and as a company that continues to evolve, the brand is always creating something new. All the products under this company have a target to satisfy each of their potential customers. Some consumers like their vapes with lots of energy coming at a single puff, while others prefer very little puffs at one go.