What Is An Electronics Packaging Box Made Of?

What Is An Electronics Packaging Box Made Of?

Electronic packaging boxes are designed to enclose any electronic gadgets. These packaging boxes vary in length and capacity according to the size of the gadget. Moreover, an electronics packaging box protect the electronic device from radioactive frequency, mechanical damage, electrostatic discharge, etc.

Presently, several companies are following numerous prototypes for producing electronic packaging boxes to make them more appealing to clients. Moreover, people are involved in trying out these boxes to maintain the safety standards of electronic equipment. To make these boxes more convenient, the manufacturers are operating a lot on attractive product designs and colors.

What Are Electronics Packaging Boxes Made Of?


The most common type of packaging box is cardboard. Cardboards can be stored safely and are most versatile as well as cost-effective. On the other hand, cardboard is also one of the eco-friendly packaging materials that are used extensively around the globe. The manufacturers can print any design without extra effort on the cardboard packaging boxes.

2-Ply Cardboard

2-ply cardboard or double-walled cardboard boxes are assembled by jotting down a double layer of corrugated cardboard one after another. These cardboard boxes are more durable and rigid than standard cardboard packaging boxes. 2-ply cardboard packaging boxes add more resilience and stability to the overall structure of the box.

3-Ply Cardboard

3-ply cardboard boxes are designed by arranging one fluted paper between double-line boards. This material is much more rigid than the above type of cardboard. These boxes are not very heavy but provide excellent safety and protection for electronic devices. Moreover, the width of -ply cardboard is between 1.5 and 4 mm.


Hardboards are composed of wood pulp and compressed sawdust and are bound together under certain pressure and heat with an adhesive. Moreover, the appearance of the finished product is much like wood. Hardboards have higher strength than cardboard packaging boxes.


Fiberboards are crimped in between to build zig-zag patterns that act as extra support to the product. These materials comprise the adhesion of two fluted corrugated sheets over each other. Moreover, the zig-zag design sums up more dimensions of the packaging material.

High-GSM Paper

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It depicts the quantity of the mass used to assemble the packaging material. Nevertheless, it specifies the density of the paper utilized to construct it. The heavier the paper, the more the value of GSM. High-GSM paper is one of the best packaging materials as it adds extra support to electronic gadgets.

Anti-Static Corrugated Boxes

This electronic packaging box provides a preventive layer for the gadget from static electricity. On the other hand, it entitles a protective measure of the devices that can be destroyed due to static electricity. This packaging prohibits the electrical discharge between two electrically charged objects.


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