Why You Need An LS Swap Fuel Pump With Fuel Filter

Why You Need An LS Swap Fuel Pump With Fuel Filter

Osiaspart is a well-known brand that was launched in 2006. The company that owns the brand specializes in industrial, trading, and production of LS Swap Fuel Pump With Fuel filter. Over 15 years have passed and OSIAS is now a leading brand in the production of fuel pumps, making them a leader in the field. Their custom fuel pumps consist of parts imported from Germany and they’ve cooperated with several reputed American businesses. They provide the customers with high-quality products, but at an affordable as well as a competitive price.

The following article talks about the features of OSIAS LS Swap Fuel Pump with Fuel filter.


1. Meets OEM Standards

What is an OEM? An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, and the latter sells the finished products to the users. OSIAS LS Swap Fuel Filter and fuel pump Kit meets the traditional OEM Standards, making them fit to be used by other companies in their products.

2. Compatible Multiple Fuel Types

OSIAS LS Swap Fuel Filter and Pump Kit is compatible with multiple fuel types. Unlike pumps that are suitable for one or two fuels at the most, this product is compatible with most the fuel types like gasoline, kerosene, biodiesel, etc.

3. 58 Psi Fuel Pressure

The Fuel Pressure required can vary depending on the vehicle’s engine and fuel system. Carbureted Engines’ requirements can vary from as little as 4 psi while modern and high-performance Engines can require as much as 60 psi. LS Swap Fuel Pump comes with a 58 psi Fuel Pressure, making it compatible with almost all types of vehicles.

4. Can Hold Up To 500 BHP

In Fuel pumps, as the horsepower increases, so does the volume of fuel that is required to support that power. Fuel pumps are sized by flow rate which is usually measured in gallons per hour or litres per hour. LS Swap Fuel Pump comes in as a Pump that can hold up to 500 BHP.

5. Stainless Steel

The Kit consisting of the fuel pump is made of Stainless Steel, making it safe from rust and other problems, which ensures that the pump lasts for a long time without any damage being incurred.

High Quality And Lifetime Warranty

The brand OSIAS is known for its high quality and robust components which makes its products last for a long time. They never compromise on their quality and their products are built to last. Moreover, they come with a Lifetime Warranty, which makes post-purchase services much easier for the customers.

Filters All Impurities In Fuel

What is the purpose of a Fuel Filter? A fuel filter us used to filter out all the foreign particles like impurities from the fuel before letting it proceed to the fuel injection system and the engine. The filter can be in the form of a cartridge, containing any material that acts as a filter such as filter composed of filter paper. It is a very important but most often forgotten part of the system as it protects the engine from harmful debris.


The Osiaspart brand established in the year 2006 has been a leading producer of fuel pumps. And now, as a veteran in the particular field, they have been producing fuel pumps for over 15 years. Using high quality and robust components they make products that last for a long time but at a price that is affordable to all and competitive in the market.